Winners since the beginning of The Eurovision song contest 1956

Year - Winner

1956 -  Switzerland, with the song Refrain, performed by Lys Assia

1957 -  the Netherlands, with the song Net Als Toen, performed by Corry Brokken

1958 - France, with the song Dors, Mon Amour, performed by André Claveau.

1959 - The Netherlands, with the song, Een Beetje performed by Teddy Scholten.

1960 - France, with the song Tom Pillibi, performed by Jacqueline Boyer. 

1961 - Luxembourg, with the song Nous Les Amoureux, performed by Jean-Claude Pascal. 

1962 - France, with the song Un Premier Amour, performed by Isabelle Aubret.

1963 - Denmark, with the song Dansevise performed by Grethe and Jørgen Ingmann.

1964 - Italy with the song Non Ho l’Età, performed Gigliola Cinquetti.

1965 - France, with the song  Poupée De Cire, Poupée De Son performed by France Gall.

1966 - Austria, with the song Merci Cherie performed by Udo Jürgens.

1967 - United Kingdom/UK, with the song Puppet On A String  performed by Sandie Shaw. 

1968 - Spain, with the song La la la performed by Massiel.

(€)1969 - Four winners this year, reason=a tie with 18 points each:  

  • France, with the song Un Jour, Un Enfant performed by Frida Boccara.
  • The Netherlands, with the song De Troubadour performed by Lenny Khur.
  • Spain, with the song Vivo cantando performed by Salomé.
  • The United Kingdom, with the song Boom Bang-a-bang performed by Lulu.

1970 - Ireland, with the song All Kinds Of Everything performed by Dana.

1971 -  Monaco, with the song Un Banc, Un Abre, Une Rue performed  by Séverine

1972 - Luxembourg, with  the song Aprés Toi performed by Vicky Leandros

1973 - Luxembourg, with the song Tu Te Reconnaitras performed by Anne-Marie David

1974 - Sweden, with the song Waterloo, performed by ABBA

1975 - Netherlands, with the song Ding-A-Dong performed by Teach-In

1976 - The United Kingdom/UK, with the song Save Your Kisses For Me  performed by Brotherhood of Man

1977 - France, with the song L'Oiseau Et L'Enfant performed by Marie Myriam

1978 - Israel, with the song A-Ba-Ni-Bi  performed by Izhar Cohen & The Alphabeta

1979 - Israel, with the song Hallelujah performed by Milk and Honey

1980 - Ireland, with the song What's Another Year performed by Johnny Logan

1981 - The United Kingdom/UK, with the song Making Your Mind Up  performed by the group Bucks Fizz

1982 - Germany, with the song Ein Biβchen Frieden performed by Nicole

1983 - Luxembourg, with the song Si La Vie Est Cadeau peformed by Corinne Hermès

1984 - Sweden, with the song Diggi-Loo Diggi-Ley performed Herrey's

1985 - Norway, with the song La Det Swinge performed by Bobbysocks

1986 - Belgium, with the song  J'Aime La Vie performed by Sandra Kim

1987 - Irelandwith the song Hold Me Now performed by Johnny Logan

1988 - Switzerland, with the song Ne Partez Pas Sans Moi performed by Céline Dion

1989 - Yugoslavia, with the song Rock Me performed by Riva

1990 - Italy, with the song Insieme performed by Toto Cutugno

1991 - Sweden, with the song Fångad Av En Stormvind performed by Carola

1992 - Ireland, with the song Why Me? performed by Linda Martin

1993 - Ireland, with the song In Your Eyes performed by Niamh Kavanagh

1994 - Ireland, with the song Rock 'n Roll Kids performed by Paul Harrington and Charlie McGettigan

1995 - Norway, with the song Nocturne performed by Secret Garden.

1996 - Ireland, with the song The Voice performed by Eimear Quinn

1997 - The United Kingdom/UK, with the song Love Shine A Light performed by Katrina & The Waves

1998 - Israel, with the song Diva performed by Dana International

1999 - Sweden, with the song Take Me To Your Heaven performed by Charlotte Nilsson

2000 - Denmark, with the song Fly On The Wings Of Love performed by the Olsen Brothers

2001 - Estonia, with the song Everybody performed by Tanel Padar, Dave Benton & 2XL

2002 - Latvia, with the song I Wanna performed by Marie N

2003 - Turkey, with the song Every Way That I Can performed by Sertab

2004 - Ukraine, with the song Wild Dances performed by Ruslana

2005 - Greece,with the song My Number One performed by Helena Paparizou

2006 - Finland, with the song Hard Rock Hallelujah performed by Lordi

2007 - Serbia, with the song Molitva performed by Marija Šerifović

2008 - Russia, with the song Believe performed by Dima Bilan

2009 - Norway, with the song Fairytale performed by Alexander Rybak

2010 - Germany, with the song Satellite performed by Lena

2011 - Azerbaijan, with the song Running Scared performed by Ell/Nikki

2012 - Sweden, with the song Euphoria performed by Loreen

2013 - Denmark, with the song Only Teardrops performed by Emmelie de Forest

2014 - Austria, with the song Rise Like a Phoenix performed by Conchita Wurst

2015 - Sweden, with the song HEROES performed by MÅNS ZELMERLÖW

2016 - Ukriane, with the song 1944 performed by Jamala